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Tywardreath and Par Parish Council

Views over the Parish of Tywardreath and Par

Tywardreath and Par Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan

Tywardreath and Par Parish residents vote YES!

The Steering Group is delighted to report that the Tywardreath and Par Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan was successful at referendum.

90.86% voted in favour of the NDP.

8.78% voted against.

The turnout for NDP referendums in Cornwall in 2021 has generally been in the 12.5% to 22% range, so the turnout in our parish is towards the top end of this range at 21.60%. You will find the Cornwall Council Declaration of Result here.

This result means that the NDP carries legal weight and is now made (adopted). Its importance is equal to that of the Cornwall Local Plan, and Development Officers will refer to our NDP when deciding whether to accept or refuse planning applications in Tywardreath and Par Parish.

A Neighbourhood Development Plan allows the community to shape future development. Community consultation over 3+ years resulted in policies tailored to the expressed needs and wishes of local people. Flood Risk Management policies were drafted by the Environment Agency in recognition that it is not enough to say 'don't build on the flood plain' when water flows down off valley sides and floods homes lower down. By designating a Development Boundary and focusing on Affordable Housing - both to buy and to rent - we respected the community's wishes that the housing needs of local people should be prioritised. Housing and Development policies also acknowledge the challenges of Climate Change and focus on ensuring that all new build housing is fit for purpose and future-proofed.

The Residents' Questionnaire focused on the emerging themes from the initial consultation period. 99% of respondents said that the parish's heritage assets - both cultural and historic should be protected - and we were fortunate to be able to draw on the expertise of specialists in this area when it came to drafting policy.

When it came to scrutinising the NDP policies as a whole, the independent External Examiner accepted and endorsed the views of the community and commented that: 'The Plan is well evidenced, and a lot of hard work has gone into framing the Plan and its policies. To suit the coastal location there is an innovative use of the concept of blue/green open space.' Indeed, our environmental policies have been recognised by Cornwall Council as a model for other NDPs and the Tranquil Areas policy is a first for Cornwall.

The NDP is a result of the combined efforts of many local people across the parish and a true testimony to the community spirit which so many of us value. Thank you to everyone who contributed ideas and shared their vision for the future.

Thank you for supporting the NDP