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Tywardreath and Par Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan

Update on progress with the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

Thank you to everyone who commented on the submission version of the NDP. The Steering Group is delighted to report that we have now heard back from the independent External Examiner. The External Examiner's report indicated a few points to be modified, and we will be amending the documents in line with these recommendations over the next few weeks.

We are pleased that the External Examiner has accepted key elements of the NDP including the designation of a Development Boundary for the settlements of Tywardreath and Par. The External Examiner also notes that: 'The Plan is well evidenced, and a lot of hard work has gone into framing the Plan and its policies. To suit the coastal location there is an innovative use of the concept of blue/green open space.'

Local Green Space designation has been recognised as appropriate for the vast majority of the areas we put forward. We now have comprehensive policies which should encourage biodiversity and respect for our heritage, whilst also enabling the provision of Affordable Housing in line with our NDP policies and in sustainable locations. We thank CPRE (the countryside charity) and the Open Spaces Society for their support for the Tranquil Areas policy, which is a first for Neighbourhood Plans, as far as Cornwall Council is aware.

We will be liaising closely with Cornwall Council as the documents go through the final checks. After the Parish Council has agreed the final version of the NDP, it will then be through to the final stage: the referendum.

When will the referendum take place?

It is difficult to anticipate when the referendum will take place in the present circumstances.

However, the current version of the NDP already carries weight for planning applications.

Neighbourhood Development Plan Key Documents

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Tel: Cllr David Hughes, Chair of the Steering Group on 01726 812982

Message for all residents of Tywardreath and Par Parish

Make certain you are registered to vote on the NDP in the referendum. To check whether you are registered to vote, contact: Electoral Services on 0300 1231 115 or go to the Cornwall Council website:

Email the Neighbourhood Plan:

Parish Clerk: Mrs Sally Vincent, Colcerrow Farm, Par, Cornwall PL24 2RZ   Tel: 01208 872450

Last updated 23rd January 2021
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