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Tywardreath and Par Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan

Cornwall Council Consultation on the NDP

Thursday 6th August - Thursday 15th October 2020

Planning Application ref. PA20/00006/NDP

You can comment on the NDP

For those who do not have internet access

Cornwall Council will send out the Draft NDP in booklet format.

Telephone: 0300 1234 151 (Neighbourhood Planning Team)

What happens next?

An independent External Examiner scrutinises all the documents, makes comments and recommendations

The Parish Council agrees a final version of the NDP.

There is a referendum.

When will the referendum take place?

This process can take months in the best of times, so it is difficult to anticipate when the referendum will take place. However, the draft NDP (submission version) already carries some weight for planning applications.

Neighbourhood Development Plan Key Documents

Any questions?


Tel: Cllr David Hughes, Chair of the Steering Group on 01726 812982

Email the Neighbourhood Plan:

Parish Clerk: Mrs Sally Vincent, Colcerrow Farm, Par, Cornwall PL24 2RZ   Tel: 01208 872450

Last updated 26th September 2020
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