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Neighbourhood Plan - Latest News

PL24 News Update

Over the summer, we carried out a survey and the results are in.
Here are the top ten features of the parish that were rated as very important.

Protecting our beaches 82%
Protecting our landscape, wildlife and habitats 81%
Cleanliness and litter 71%
Flood prevention measures 69%
Parking, roads and pavements 69%
Jobs 68%
Public transport 68%
Local business and retail 66%
Utilities e.g. sewerage, gas, broadband 64%
Amenities e.g. village hall, church, library, services 64%
           The results of 201 survey responses are rounded to the nearest percentage.
            More details are on Tywardreath and Par Parish web-site.

The survey is very much a starting point. It is a “snapshot” of the community’s views at the moment, but we will be out and about gathering more opinions over the next few months, so do contact us if you want contribute your ideas or ask questions.
And here are the answers to a couple of questions we have been asked.

How was the steering group agreed? Who is on it?
At the end of October 2016 posters went up throughout the Parish advertising a public meeting about the Neighbourhood Plan. After the initial talk, everyone who volunteered to help was invited to join the Steering Group and it turned out
that we live right across the Parish! More recently, Cllr Jordan Rowse has also joined the group. Some members have stepped down, mainly due to the time commitment required, but most are still involved on some level e.g. with Focus Groups looking at specific themes like Planning and Housing; Environment and Heritage; Business and Employment; Health and Wellbeing; and Community Engagement.
We are really keen to hear from anyone who would be willing to contribute to the work of the Focus Groups, so please do get in touch.

See for
• more detail on the survey;
• the names and emails of Steering Group members;
• the agenda and minutes of meetings;
• for drop-in consultation events which are also posted in Parish noticeboards
• or email or phone Gill on (01726) 813 442  


Parish Clerk: Mrs Sally Vincent, Colcerrow Farm, Par, Cornwall PL24 2RZ   Tel: 01208 872450

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